Take control of your wealth and discover the possibilities that the future of finance has for you.

Welcome to the Future of Banking

Secure, Decentralized, and Accessible


Welcome to Balmy, where complexity meets simplicity.

Where finance becomes delightfully simple

At Balmy, we've created a decentralized banking platform that puts you at the center. By combining cutting-edge decentralized technology with a user-centric approach, we provide a secure and intuitive environment for you to explore new financial opportunities. From investing in synthetic stocks and bonds to diversifying your portfolio across multiple assets and protocols, Balmy empowers you to take control of your financial future with ease. Experience the future of banking, where innovation meets simplicity, and your financial goals are within reach.


The new financial paradigm that is crypto lets you be in full control of your wealth. Unlike traditional systems, you hold your assets directly. No middlemen - just you and your digital wealth in a secure, decentralized and open system


Cultivating your wealth or expanding your knowledge isn't just a one-time effort; it's a journey of continual growth. It's about understanding the power of compounded interest, seizing opportunities, and constantly learning about new financial landscapes


Diversify your investments across a wide range of assets and protocols, all within a single, user-friendly platform. Break free from traditional investment options and explore the world of crypto, synthetic stocks, bonds, and more

Let Balmy handle it while you grow steadily!

Recurring Investments

Sail the sea of crypto with a steady wind. Reach new horizons as you steadily grow your treasure over time.

Invest stress free

Choose your investment duration and let Balmy handle the daily execution, freeing you to enjoy your time without the need to constantly monitor market fluctuations.

Reduce the impact of market volatility

As you buy both during high and low price periods, averaging the best entry price.

Never stop growing your money

With Balmy, you can choose to earn yield on the assets waiting to be swapped or withdrawn. This way, your money keeps growing, exactly how you'd like it to, every step of the way.

You wouldn't want to miss the best offers on the market, right?

Meta Aggregator

Get the best available price for your trades in real-time by querying across all existing price sources at once.

Save time, save money

Save time and money with Balmy's all-in-one products. We find the best prices across top aggregators, so you can swap smarter in one place.

Safe, by design

By leveraging Universal Approvals (Uniswap's Permit2) on our Smart Contracts, you can say goodbye to managing multiple token authorizations and hello to a new era of effortless trading. Authorize once, trade infinitely!

Let your crypto work smarter, not harder

Earn [soon™]

Just sit back, relax, and watch as your investments don't just grow, but truly thrive — all without lifting a finger.

Unleash the power of top protocols with Balmy Earn's. Watch real-time insights and personalized reporting, keeping you informed and in control at every step.

Leverage our SDK and unlock your product’s full potential by powering them with Balmy

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